Massimo Scaringella is a contemporary art independent curator and cultural events organizer. For over thirty years of activity in Italy and abroad he has presented innumerable Italian and foreign artists, many of them belonging to new generations and today highly valued in the international field.

Born in Rome on 1953, he lives in Rome and Buenos Aires. 
He curated or collaborated with more than 250 contemporary art exhibitions in 40 countries, being in direct contact with the local reality of diverse cultures and contemporary world, thus creating an exchange bridge between Italian art and the rest of the world, particularly in Latin America, where he has been Artistic Director of the 4th edition of The End of the World Biennial (Bienal del Fin del Mundo) 2014/2015. In 2017 and 2019 he was appointed curator of the National Pavilion of Ivory Coast at the 57th and the 58th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia and invited curator of the International Biennial of Curitiba 2017/2019.

On 1977 he started aside Italo Mussa his active path through the Roman avant-garde, specially in the Pastificio Cerere. Since 1990 he devotes himself to the spreading of Italian art abroad, curating numerous collective and personal itinerant art exhibitions and collaborating with public and private spaces, mainly in Rome. Since 2000 he worked at the "Contemporary Art" sector of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, participating in the creation of the renown "Farnesina Collection of Italian Art of the 20th Century".

He has presented contemporary art exhibitions in Italy; Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, USA; France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Portugal; China, Japan, Kazakistan, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Turkey, Lebanon, Persian Gulf; Egiypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Libya, Kenya, Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe; Australia and New Zealand. He also wrote numerous critical texts and articles in the specialised press (Il Tempo dell’Arte, Artribune).

On 2003 he began an intense exchange with Argentina, collaborating with its main public an private institutions, such as the Modern Art Museum MAMBA, the Contemporary Art Museum MACBA, the Borges Cultural Centre CCB, the CCK Cultural Centre, the Usina del Arte, the Argentine Catholic University UCA, the San Juan Fine Arts Museum, the Mendoza
MMAMM, Córdoba's CCCH, La Plata's MACLA and the Rosario CEC, among others. In that country he founded 'ars maxjer contemporanea - vanguardist cultural projects', of which he is the director. He has also collaborated in Chile with the Modern Art Museum MAC and the Cultural Center of Las Condes, and in Peru with the Modern Art Museum MAC and the ICNPA.


Among these last years' recent art exhibitions stand out “The tip of the iceberg - Francis Bacon's drawings” (Argentina, Chile, Portugal and Taiwan 2010-2011), “The wonders' garden - Joan Miro's graphic works” (Argentina – itinerant 2013), “Words, images and other texts - Homage to visual poetry and 50 years of Fluxus” (Argentina 2012) and the personal exhibitions of Shy Frisch (Chile 2016, Peru 2017).

As well, those collective exhibits that made Italian art known in the world: “The essence's project” (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Serbia, Romania 1997-1998),
“Thought forms” (Indonesia, Sweden 2002), “Italian art 50'-70' - The Farnesina Collection” (India, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Bosnia, Serbia 2008), “Italian cinetic art 50'-70' ” (Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil 2013-2016), “The energy of matter” (China 2008),  “The sign of color: Burri & Afro” (Peru 2016) and the Residences “Officina Italiana” (Argentina 2018).

On the other hand, he has undertaken an intense promotion activity in Italy of Argentina's new creativity, with initiatives such as the collective exhibitions “Focus Buenos Aires” (MIART, Milan 2008), “Art Abroad” (Turin 2012), “Global Exchange” (MACRO, Roma 2014), the collective Mondongo (MAXXI, Rome 2016) and the artists Jorge Miño (Milan 2018, Messina 2019) and Eugenio Zanetti (Rome 2018, Noto 2019), along with the Italian Consulate-General in Buenos Aires' Lucio Fontana Prize (2012/2016).

Guest curator at the International Curitiba Biennial from 2017 to 2019, in 2020 he was nominated Artistic Director of the Kou Gallery at Roma and Coordinator of the Rome Art Week. At the same time he has been the artistic director of a new edition of “E-zine Contemporary Art Magazine”, the first telematic magazine in Italia. In 2017 and 2019 he has been appointed Curator of the National Pavilion of Ivory Coast in the 57° and the 58° Venice Biennale, and once again in 2021 co-curator, together with Alessandro Romanini, in the 59° Biennale of 2022. While 2023 has begun with the first complete retrospective of the Peruvian artist Joaquín Roca Rey at the ICPNA Museum in Lima.





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